Share a Family Legacy of Generosity

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Happy Holidays!  

It’s the season of family gatherings and gifts exchanged. And, often times, it’s the only time of year we manage to gather our families together in one place at the same time.

Let me ask you something. What have you taught your family about giving? Do they know about the organizations you love and support? Have they learned and owned the habit of giving back to their own communities? Have you, or they, considered the idea of family legacy – of giving together or selecting themes and values for lifetime giving?

The holidays offer the perfect opportunity for a focused family conversation around giving. Here are just a few things you might discuss:

  • Consider an annual family gift or gifts. Set aside a special evening when family members bring charitable gift ideas to a joint conversation and, together, decide on special gifts to be made that are meaningful to all.
  • Have a special conversation about legacy. Share with your children the things you value most and the impact you want to have on the world. Or have them tell you the values they have learned and treasure most from you. Then talk about ways those values can be expressed.

Here are some possibilities to think about:

  • Consider creation of a donor advised fund or supporting organization, managed by your local community foundation. This can be a wonderful way to organize giving now, and carry on the tradition as family members take over the management of charitable giving for the future.
  • Talk about your plans for your estate. Let your children know about your plans for legacy. Will you leave a tithe of your assets to the organizations you love? Many people treat charity as an additional child in their will or trust.

Estes Valley Legacy is here to help you as you plan your giving. Whether you want to plan this family conversation, set up charitable bequests for the organizations you love or explore the many possibilities for lifetime or deferred giving, we can provide the information you need and connect you with professional resources to accomplish your goals. A great place to start is a confidential conversation with Marsha Yelick, our Planned Giving Counselor. You can reach her at (970) 586-8116, ext. 831 or email to  

Happy Holidays! Share the joy of giving to the community with your family this year.